The Gramercy Park area is bounded by 23rd street to the north, 14th street to the south, Park Avenue to the west and First Avenue to the east. The famous park itself is New York City's only remaining private park. New Yorkers are all dying to get in for a bit of that serenity but only the lucky residents of the buildings facing the park are given keys to this gated paradise. Even if one never makes it into this exquisite haven, the area around it is extremely charming. Perpendicular to the exclusive Gramercy Park is Irving Place – a tiny street, lasting only a few blocks. It is lined with quaint cafes and restaurant and one very notable pub – Pete's Tavern, where it is reputed that O. Henry wrote "The Gift of the Magi" in a small booth. The residential streets and avenue remain mostly free from clubs and restaurants allowing the area to somehow maintain a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Gramercy Park is truly a miracle hybrid. Subway stops: 6 to 23rd Street

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