Interview Application

Founded in 1995, Magnum Realty has earned a reputation as a hard-working, honest, and accessible brokerage company. We quickly realized that the key to our success would be dependent on the caliber and quality of our agents and have thus focused much of our attention on creating a comfortable yet exciting working environment where our agents can not only excel independently but succeed together in a highly lucrative and competitive industry.

Magnum is a boutique firm that fosters an atmosphere of hard work and independence. Our staff ranges in background from Ivy League graduates to successful entrepreneurs who have leveraged their experiences at Magnum to excel both within the company and without. Some of our current and former agents have gone on to become developers, real estate investors and even to open brokerages of their own.

While some candidates may be best suited for a more structured, corporate environment, we seek those individuals who have the drive and ambition necessary to thrive in an unstructured, entrepreneurial atmosphere. By maintaining our close-knit setting, we are able to offer our agents something that few other companies can- a database comprised of thousands of our own exclusive listings combined with over one hundred years of collective real estate experience in a small office setting.

Our office boasts a direct correlation between hard work and success. Deciding to enter into a career in real estate may be extremely difficult and overwhelming, though the rewards can be unparalleled. While we at Magnum do everything we can to ensure our agents success, the ultimate factor is the agent's own dedication. We screen our agents based on two qualifications- highly developed communication skills, and the dedication and strong work ethic necessary to succeed. If you possess these qualities, we are confident that you have what it takes to prosper and encourage you to apply today.


We at Magnum Realty upport all of our agents with powerful tools, necessary to excel in a competitive marketplace while effectively serving clients' needs.

These Resources Include:

  • Fully Integrated Training and Support Program
    • The management team is completely focused on the success of each and every agent, offering all agents continuous training and support seminars in Sales and Rentals
    • Weekly supportive group conferences with management and senior staff.
  • Advanced Technology and Marketing Tools
    • Free advertising online adverting on Craigslist as well as countless other real estate listing showcase sites.
    • Access to Magnum's powerhouse website at which enjoys thousands of visitors per month.
    • Our very own Private Client Web Portal that tracks and maintains constant communications with buyers, sellers and renters. This is a proprietary site that is only offered by Magnum Realty Holdings.
    • Aggressive branding and public relations strategies.
    • We continuously evaluate the marketplace in Manhattan and Westchester, and adapt our marketing strategies to take advantage of changing market realities.
  • Growing Firm with Proven Track Record
    • Magnum has been a leading brokerage since inception in 1995. We believe in strategically hiring and training agents so that new agents can receive the attention and training they need to succeed.
    • Magnum agents operate in every New York City borough and beyond.
    • Magnum's agents perform across the spectrum of real estate in Residential Sales and Rentals and Commercial Sales and Leasing.
    • Years of longstanding relationships with thousands of landlords.
    • Our headquarters is centrally located in the financial district. Satellite offices on the Upper West Side and in Westchester and Connecticut make working here a very special experience.

Our Agents

All of our agents possess key qualities that, along with proper training and support, can lead to a very successful and lucrative career in real estate. These include:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit.
    • Every successful real estate agent is an entrepreneur at heart.
    • Entrepreneurs are completely goal-oriented and career-minded.
    • Our most successful agents understand that, while they have they work in a team environment and have the resources and support that only a firm like ours can offer, they are also essentially running their own businesses. This requires the utmost discipline and self-motivation.
  • Dedication.
    • Every successful real estate agent has a relentless work ethic.
    • Our agents know that in order to advance, they must go above and beyond for clients, assisting in all aspects of the move.
    • Integrity is essential to building long-lasting relationships. Our agents are dedicated to best practices in their daily activities, and embrace the highest ethical standards.
    • Top agents are completely focused on the best interests of their clients.
  • Communication
    • Our agents must be prepared to effectively communicate with clients from all walks of life. Whether it's a weekend showing to an artist in SOHO or a late-night meeting with a Wall Street investment banker, our agents are adept at understanding each client's needs and responding in a clear and effective manner.

If you think you possess the qualities necessary to be an outstanding leader, and part of our dedicated team, please send a resume to [email protected] or call us at (212) 344-9199 ext. 101 to inquire about developing opportunities.